Static Setting

Static Setting

StaticPress Setting Manual

How to use StaticPress

Here is how to use StaticPress plugin.

1. Install the plugin

Install the plugin at the dashboard of the target WordPress site.

After installing the plugin, activate it.

2. StaticPress settings

You will find the setting window after activating it.
Then set the options at [StaticPress] -> [StaticPress Options].

StaticPress options

  • Static URL:The URL of output site.
  • Save DIR (Document root):Directory which the plugin outputs static files.
    ※Please set the document root.
    For example, set here like “/var/www/html” and set Static URL like “”, the files are output under “/var/www/html/static”.
  • (OPTION) BASIC Auth User:This is optional. When you use BASIC authentication, set this field.
  • (OPTION) BASIC Auth Password:This is optional. When you use BASIC authentication, set the password.

3. Transform into static files (Rebuild)

After setting the options, press [Rebuild].
The static files are output into the directory which is set at the option.


Rebuilding will take a while because it will crawl all URLs and output all as static files.

If an error happens, hit the Rebuild button, then it will start from the URL which stops the last time.